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Table 21. Class Code XBCX: Cryptography
SQLSTATE Message Text
XBCX0 Exception from Cryptography provider. See next exception for details.
XBCX1 Initializing cipher with illegal mode, must be either ENCRYPT or DECRYPT.
XBCX2 Initializing cipher with a boot password that is too short. The password must be at least <number> characters long.
XBCX5 Cannot change boot password to null.
XBCX6 Cannot change boot password to a non-string serializable type.
XBCX7 Wrong format for changing boot password. Format must be : old_boot_password, new_boot_password.
XBCX8 Cannot change boot password for a non-encrypted database.
XBCX9 Cannot change boot password for a read-only database.
XBCXA Wrong boot password.
XBCXB Bad encryption padding '<value>' or padding not specified. 'NoPadding' must be used.
XBCXC Encryption algorithm '<algorithmName>' does not exist. Please check that the chosen provider '<providerName>' supports this algorithm.
XBCXD The encryption algorithm cannot be changed after the database is created.
XBCXE The encryption provider cannot be changed after the database is created.
XBCXF The class '<className>' representing the encryption provider cannot be found.
XBCXG The encryption provider '<providerName>' does not exist.
XBCXH The encryptionAlgorithm '<algorithmName>' is not in the correct format. The correct format is algorithm/feedbackMode/NoPadding.
XBCXI The feedback mode '<mode>' is not supported. Supported feedback modes are CBC, CFB, OFB and ECB.
XBCXJ The application is using a version of the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) earlier than 1.2.1. Please upgrade to JCE 1.2.1 and try the operation again.
XBCXK The given encryption key does not match the encryption key used when creating the database. Please ensure that you are using the correct encryption key and try again.
XBCXL The verification process for the encryption key was not successful. This could have been caused by an error when accessing the appropriate file to do the verification process. See next exception for details.